Zaerra Ravensky
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Zaerra
Faction Horde
Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Class Hunter
Guild Guildless
Professions Enchanting, Professional Tracker
IC Info
Nicknames Zae
Title Tracker
Alignment Neutral


This Sin'Dorei walks with honed deftness --a full quiver of glowing enspelled arrows strapped tightly to her back. She appears to be a Silvermoon Ranger or Farstrider. She exhibits a fair amount of nobility in her demeanor yet looks to be a highly skilled tracker who is perfectly at home in the wilds.

Zaerra (Zae) usually can be seen among the Farstriders, and/or often travels in the employ of visiting nobles and dignitaries.

There also appears to be a ghostly apparition of an animal following her closely...

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