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Appearance and Physicalities[]

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Professions: Mining, Jewelcrafting


Xravil as he runs through Silvermoon.

Age: In comparison to human life span, 28

Sex: Male

Hair: Very pale blonde, down to bottom of shoulderblades

Eyes: Emerald green

Weight: 68kg

Height: 6'3"


Xravil was born into a family with hundreds of generations of high ranking rangers of Quel'Thalas, but was sent away from his family because of his feeble skills with a bow. In light of this, he threw away his practices of the bow and took up sword fighting. He was naturally adept at this and slew more beasts than any of his family despite their long range capabilities. He earned his right back into Quel'Thalas' ranks, but months afterwards, after a most brutal attack on Silvermoon from the undead of the Dead Scar, he suffered an almost fatal blow to the head. This had caused him to lose some of his memories, but more importantly he and others though, his skills. His family took this as a final oppurtunity to make him use a bow, and sent him back to train in long range fighting. He is working to gradually regain his power and status within the army of Quel'Thalas, without know how his family is lying to him.