Xin'di'y Rexha'in
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Xindiy
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Female
Class Priest
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Engineering/Mining
IC Info
Nicknames Xin, Pinky, Pinkheart (as given by Hukari)
Title Shadow Hunter
Age ~24 or so.
Height 6'8"
Hair Bright pink/purple
Eyes Red
Skin Lavender

Physical DescriptionEdit

Xin'di'y is tall and wirey, coming to almost seven feet when she stands up straight. Her skin is a light lavender, and her hair is bright pink, or as some say, purple. She has larger tusks for a female troll, but it adds a bit of flair to her wild demeanor. When talking with you, she has a loud, sometimes annoying laugh, but is usually trying to be optimistic. Her accent is quite heavy, at times she's been ask to repeat what she said, only clearer. She can usually be seen in dresses, mostly tribal looking ones. They are all brightly colored, and slightly revealing, but tasteful.


The only good way to put it simply is that Xin'di'y is crazy. She's always laughing, and always trying her hardest to get the next joke in. She spends alot of her time in bars, sometimes with her mate, Jerahl, but a lot of times with a companion and "drinking buddy", Hukari. She's fun all around, alot of times even trying to get the coldest people to laugh. When approached during the day you might see her working on one of her latest "inventions" or "assignments". She's aspiring to be the greatest Gnomish engineer there is, so she's always busy with one thing or another, most of them backfiring, blowing up in her face or breaking long before they are finished.


Past Edit

(( Coming soon! When I read some more on Troll history, that is. ;3 ))

Present Edit

Currently trying to advance as a Shadow Hunter, training almost ruthlessly and pushing herself forward every day. She also works as an aspiring Gnomish engineer on the side.

Notable People Edit

Jerahl - Her lover and her mate. They met one day while Xin'di'y was talking to Neava, an acquaintance of hers. He wasn't very talkative, but she suggested meeting him again at the bar down in Booty Bay. After spending the evening talking and having a few drinks, they fell for each other. They currently live together in Rachet, in a small house right outside the city.

Rahzu - Someone she met at the very first tears meeting she'd attended. One of the people she credits for peaking her interest in the guild. He was sitting off, away from everyone. She wandered over to him and started to joke with him, noticing he wasn't very kind. So she invited him out for a drink. She still thinks that he helped her to get in with tears, even though he blatently denies it.

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