Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Xarathas
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Class Rogue
Guild None, currently affiliated with Ravenholdt Manor
Professions Skinning
IC Info
Nicknames X, Shadow.
Title None.
Age Early 20's
Height 5'11"
Hair Purplish Black
Eyes None
Skin Grey
Alignment Neutral Good(ish.)

Physical Description[]

Xarathas is basically a skeleton with skin hanging off him. He has multiple rips and scars from his death. He has no eyes. His hair is the style of extremely spikey, and black. He uses a mix of a lot of dirt and a lot of oil and not a lot of baths to get that awesome look. He tends to wear darker leather, not wanting to draw any attention to himself by his looks. His face is a ravaged mess, it looks like it is barely hanging in there. He usually wears a mask to cover the grotesqueness. More often than not, he is wearing two daggers, even while having some time off.


A fairly jovial man when at a bar or talking to friends, he is quick with a joke or a friendly jab at someone. Tends to deflect any questions about his past, or who he knows. Doesn't talk about work other than the general gripes about certain people and jobs. Other than that, he is fairly quiet, preferring to listen and learn rather than speak.


Xarathas was murdered fairly recently considering the timeline of the rise of the Forsaken. Once a paladin named Ardan under the Argent Dawn along with his two brothers, he became reckless and slightly jealous of all the credit his brothers were getting for their heroics against the Scourge. His recklessness cost him his life, as he waded into a huge group of ghouls, and was pulled away from his brothers before they could rescue him. All they found of him was his helmet and a sword.

But he wasn't dead, not yet. The ghouls preferred him alive, and tore out his guts and ripped out his eyes for their food while he was still alive. It was minutes before he finally died in agony. Ardan was not done yet with his time in this world, however. A group of Forsaken happened upon the group of ghouls, and blew them away using powerful magics. One of them spotted his still warm corpse, and decided to try and resurrect him. Taken back to the Royal Apothecary Society, Xarathas was born when Ardan died. After serving as a Deathstalker for quite some time, he fled the ranks of Varimathras's elite troops because he knew that what the Apothecary Society was doing was wrong. He eventually signed on to the Ravenholdt Manor, and became a professional spy and assassin, working both sides of the Horde and the Alliance, though he much prefers the Horde as he has come to see much of the Alliance leadership as hypocrites. He has been roaming Azeroth and Outland, performing the various jobs for the Ravenholdt Manor.

His two brothers are still alive, though do not know of his Forsaken status. The only person that knows of his undead problem is his sister, Detaine.