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Status: Defunct

The Wolfblood Clan is a lesser-known clan of orcs which originates from Draenor. This clan, like most, was subjected to the manipulation and corruption of the Burning Legion. Most of it's members were overcome by the bloodlust and the clan dissipated. A fair number of them assimilated into the Burning Blade Clan.

There are likely extremely few Wolfblood Clan members left since the Wars, if any. As it stands however, the only known member is Kraug Wolfblood. He is the son of the clan's last Cheiftain, Karag'un Wolfblood.

One more note: it is possible, though not confirmed, that the Wolfblood Clan was an early off-shoot of the Frostwolf Clan or vise-versa. This might account for the similarities in name and the mutual love of canines the two clans seem to have, which is only emphasized by their similar banners.