OOC Game Stats
Game Name Wisawe
Faction Horde
Race Crag Stalker
Gender Female
Class Beast
IC Info
Nicknames Wisa
Age Adult
Height 3' at the shoulder
Hair Yellow with black spots - typical Crag Stalker pelt
Eyes Brown
Alignment Neutral

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • First Impression: Upon first sight, Wisawe can easily be mistaken for Dishu, especially when seen roaming the Barrens. Unlike Dishu, however, she has a notch in her right ear, and in the fur around her neck she wears a spiked necklace. She is often seen with a Brown Prairie Dog who appears to be unafraid of her.
  • Garments/Armor: Other than the necklace, nothing.


Wisawe interacts with friendly players of both factions in an almost domesticated manner, often trying to engage them in play. She appears to be faily intelligent, seeming to understand some common words and phrases. She is especially drawn to Tauren and hunters of both factions.

NEW: Wisawe has been seen with Ptesan-Wi Taurenblight and her pack. Since joining Ptesan-Wi, Wisawe tends to take verbal and non-verbal cues from the pack as to who is friend and who is foe. She has also recently been seen with a prairie dog in her company, the odd duo turning more than a few heads.


Wisawe simply wandered into Camp Taurajo in the Barrens one day, following a Tauren hunter and his pet mountain lion. She was seen in Horde settlements fom time to time, and could also sometimes be seen wandering the Barrens.
Wisawe was recently spotted ((HA!)) by the Lone Wolf tavern in the company of Shaura.


Since being adopted into the Stray, Wisawe is dedicated to protecting her new family. She is particularly protective of Leahia and of her own new prairie dog companion. She also seems to really enjoy following Zalaku around, as he seems to understand her more than most other people.

OOC NotesEdit

((Other than mews, purring, growls, etc. this character is completely non-verbal unless whispering another Druid in cat form. If you need information other than that which can be conveyed through emotes (for instance, guild inquiries or setting up an RP event) and you are not a Druid, please send me an in-game mail and I will respond OOC.))

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