Winterglade: Image by Star

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Winterglade (only those close know her first name)
  • In-Game: Winterglade
  • Guild: House of Stormrage
  • Title: Housekeeper (Guild Mistress)
  • Race: Night elf
  • Age: Estimated 87
  • Class: Warrior
  • Professions: Gnomish Engineer


A foundling discovered near Astranaar, Ashenvale who was taken in by the druids of Bearclaw’s clan, specifically the remaining Spiritwillow. Bearclaw’s sister, an Astranaar sentinel, felt that Winterglade would best be brought up in the training of the druids at that time. After coming of age and showing no aptitude for druidism, Winterglade was turned over to the guards for martial training.

The reasoning was that if she could not become a druid, she could at least aid them as a sentinel.

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