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What do you get when you mix Guinness, Braveheart, haggis, and dwarves? (Name is taken, please replace) If you have ever wanted to play a wild highlander dwarf then come join! Characters should enjoy wearing kilts, drinking, brawling, and all good highlander fun.

Guild Goals[]

1. Roleplay – Characters are roleplayed in Aerie Peak, developing the characters within that setting.
2. PvP – The guild seeks to include world PvP as part of its RP. Not everyone has to PvP, but active players that enjoy both RP and PvP are sought.
3. Level 70 - The guild will work together to reach level 70 when the expansion comes out so that it can take the role of Gryphon Riders. Reaching level 70 is not a requirement, but it is one of the guild goals.

Although PvP and reaching level 70 are guild goals, players are welcome to have characters that RP and can make Aerie Peak come alive as a community.

Windhammer Clan FAQ[]

Q. What is RP? A. Go away kid, ye bother me. (Go to Friendly,_Basic_RP_Suvival_Guide for more RP information.)

Q. Will the guild be RPing?

A. Does a bear shite in the woods?

Q. Will the guild participate in PVP?

A. We’ll be breaking faces and bringing the smote all o’er the freaking blooming heather (in homage to the Longbeards and Poppop).

Q. Do I really have to PVP?

A. What are ye, a wee nelly? Flag up!

Q. Will you be raiding?

A. Epix? Epix?? We dinnae need nay freacking epix! We’ll break faces through team work and tenacity, nay epix. If that nay work, we’ll bring oot the bagpipes.

Q. Do I have to RP my dwarf with that accent of yours?

A. Wot? I dinnae hae an accent! Tis ye that hae an accent, ye wee tosser!

Q. Do I have to wear a kilt?

A. If ye wear a kilt, ye’ll ne’er shite yer breeks.


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