WikiQuests are projects on the Earthen Ring Wiki. WikiQuests are created by community members to improve the wiki through meeting goals.

FAQ[edit | edit source]

How to Create a WikiQuest[edit | edit source]

A WikiQuest may be created by any user prior to approval by a moderator. A new page should be created on the ER Wiki titled with the name of the quest and "WikiQuest:" at the front of the page name. For example, a quest named "My Spelling is Tipsy" would be "WikiQuest:My Spelling is Tipsy.

The page for the WikiQuest should give a description and goals of the project. Goals should be quantitative, such as "fix spelling errors on 100 pages," or "mark 30 unused pages for deletion." Lists of guidelines for the project, users participating in the project, as well as the pages affected by the project, should be included on the WikiQuest's page, as well.

How to Join a WikiQuest[edit | edit source]

Go to the main page for the WikiQuest you wish to join, and add your name to their list. Follow the guidelines for the page and lend a hand in keeping your community's wiki in good condition!

How to Leave a WikiQuest[edit | edit source]

If you wish to leave a WikiQuest, remove your name from the project's main page.

How to Communicate in a WikiQuest Group[edit | edit source]

Use the WikiQuest's talk page to organize the project and answer questions.

How to Work on a WikiQuest[edit | edit source]

WikiQuests are intended to be worked on and completed at each person's pace. This casual method allows for members of the community to see goals and work toward them without the pressure of deadlines or required workloads.

After you edit a page while working on a WikiQuest, record the change on the WikiQuest's project page. This will allow the community to see how much has been done.

Current WikiQuests[edit | edit source]

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