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WikiQuest:Links of Fate (WQ:LoF) adds wiki links to articles on the Earthen Ring Wiki.

Quest Goal

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The Earthen Ring Wiki relies on links between articles for ease of browsing and connecting information. WQ:LoF seeks out pages on the wiki and adds wiki links where appropriate.


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Rules and Guidelines

Links should be added to words or phrase that would logically benefit from explanation or exposition. The word or phrase should only be linked the first time it appears in an article while reading top-to-bottom. Links within the ER Wiki and to the WoWWiki should be very common, with links to the Wikipedia used for subjects that may not be considered common knowledge. The following are examples of simple links on the ER Wiki.

[[Bob]] ------------> Bob
[[:wowwiki:Stormwind|Stormwind]] ------------> Stormwind
[[:wikipedia:Wiki|Wiki]] ------------> Wiki

More tips on linking may be found in the Editing Help.

Story pages, for the sake of aesthetics and respect to the writers, should not have links embedded in the body of the story.

If a page is edited in the name of WQ:LoF, make a link to it in this article under the heading, below.

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