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Agrahim could only wait for the end as he could see the death and carnage around him, blood ran all over the streets as he watched his attackers leave, finally with heavy eyes and slow breath his eyes would close. Agrahim was one of the few that was saved by Kael'Thas and his elite unit that had come back through the city after Arthas had left with victory in hand, Agrahim quickly recovered and joined Kael and his unit as they fell into league as a strike force under an alliance captain. Agrahim now found a new meaning to the word 'servant' as the alliance commander treated all the elves with Kael'Thas included as such and even drove them to a point that was considered to be a stand against the alliance and was imprisoned and condemned to death.

While waiting for the final hand of judgment, Agrahim would again make a quick and narrow escape as he was saved as well with most of the others by a Naga that served Illidan Stormrage, Vashj promised that her master had a way to restore the High Elves to there former glory and reattach them to the magic that they needed so badly to carry on living without thought or reasoning against the offer, Kael'Thas led his remaining people from the oppression of the Alliance and joined with Illidan and retreated to Outland with his new master.




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