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Edward Von Nacht

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Edwin Von Nacht(Assumed)
  • Ingame: Vonnacht
  • Nicknames: Von, V
  • Titles: Clerk, Gray Tiger Shipping and Freight Company; Tiger Master, Gray Tiger Tong
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Gender: Male
  • Skin Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Navy
  • Height: 7'


While in the City, he prefers a silk shirt and dark trousers, occaisionally combined with a headband. His navy hair is often worn with a top knot, and his beard is neatly trimmed. When in the field, he normally relaxes in a workmanlike tank top, dark leather pants, and a wide brimmed hat pulled down low, almost over his eyes. If called to battle, he wears his highly polished crimson armor with pride.


Wary almost to the point of paranoia. He takes a dim view of most people, especially those not directly affiliated with his company. To those who don't know him personally, he seems very aloof, and distinctly unfriendly. This all changes, however, when he is with friends and clients.


All bar one of the Tigers know nothing of Von's past, apart from his ties to the jungles of Stranglethorn, and that he has lived for some time in various places on both continents. Will he ever truly open up?