Von Kaelston Manor was founded in January of 2005, back when the Earthen Ring server opened up.

Von Kaelston Manor is considered by its members the 'premiere' Horde-side Lowbie/Newbie guild on Earthen Ring. We enjoy all aspects of the game, but we never forget our roots, our younger alts and younger members. We enjoy a 'log in, have fun, log out' motto.

Von Kaelston Manor has existed since the earliest days of the Earthen Ring server. We are one of the few surviving small- to medium-sized guilds from that era. We have maintained a very loyal core group of members throughout this time. We are a friendly, caring, and helpful guild. Since our creation, the elders and leaders of the guild have provided new recruits and alts with the gold and equipment that they have needed to make their journey into the higher levels easier. Help with quests is never far away, as our officers and elite members are dedicated to the progression of the guild as a whole.

Von Kaelston Manor has a very personal feeling about it, and no guild member has ever been left behind. As in anything, you will get out of our guild what you put into it. If you desire a true friendship, are a mature and respectful person, and are looking to share your time with other mature, respectful people, Von Kaelston Manor is probably a good choice for you.

Von Kaelston Manor does not tolerate cheats or those who join up to ‘use’ the guild. We will not suffer ninja looters or people who cannot maintain an attitude towards outsiders that is worthy of the guild’s name.

At one time, Von Kaelston Manor promoted heavy roleplaying, but we have stepped away from that playstyle in recent months. Nevertheless, our official guild chat channel is still strictly RP only, free of out-of-character chatter, so anyone who wishes to may roleplay with other guild members in an OOC-free environment. All of our out-of-character chat is done in a separate channel.

Brand-new, out-of-the-box players will discover a great deal of assistance awaiting them if they choose Von Kaelston Manor as a guild. We are very newbie-friendly. Even if you don’t know where Brill is, have never heard of a zeppelin, or don’t know how to cast a fireball, our patience knows no bounds - as long as you respect and appreciate our assistance, and help others as you may, in turn.

Von Kaelston Manor is NOT a raiding guild! It will never be, as long as the current officers run it. We have no desire to ruin the close and tightly knit atmosphere that comes along with being a smaller guild. This is not to say that the option to raid will never be available to a member of the Manor. Our guild leadership is working hard to create alliances and use diplomacy in order to provide our members who wish to raid a chance get in on the action.

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