Villianelle d'Piete

"The Will of Elune is everything. No surprise then, that you do not understand."

Basic Stats Edit

  • Full Name: Villianelle d'Piete
  • In-Game: Villianelle
  • Nicknames: Vill
  • Race: Night Elf
  • Profession: Priestess in the Order of Thori'dal Elune
  • Age: 150 (Yes, that young.)
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: White
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Height: 7'
  • Birthplace: Feathermoon Stronghold

Appearance Edit

If Villianelle is attractive, it's through no fault of her own. Her hair is pulled tightly back, her face scrubbed, and she can almost always be found in the vestments of her order, as she cares not a whit for fashion. Her mien is most commonly that of dour arrogance.

She looks exactly as she is, an unpleasant person.

Personality Edit

If Villianelle ever learned the niceties of conversation or the complexities of bedside manner, you'd be hard pressed to know it. Those who have not found the Grace of Elune are beneath her and deserve little more than contempt. In short, she is a zealot and not a friendly one.


Villianelle before Elune

Brief History Edit

Villianelle is the second daughter of Thandir and Illian Wintersong, warrior poets under Shandris Feathermoon's leadership. Her older sister, Sestina, became a fighter like their parents and young Villianelle was destined for priesthood.

It was no fault of her parents, as they sent her to Auberdine under the tutelage of the Priestess Lakshmi, that the service of Elune would suit the young priestess as entirely as it did. Since the first day of her devotions, nothing has driven Villianelle except for the Light of Elune, save for a romantic, if doomed, relationship with a human man. And while in giving herself over to Her Will, Villianelle has fumbled blindly at times, her faith is not diminished by her failures.

Order of Thori'dal Elune Edit

A convent of Kaldorei priestesses in southern Auberdine, the Order is arguably the most demanding and exacting of all Her organizations. Thori'dal Elune is translated roughly into common as Elune the Unyielding or Elune the Merciless. The tenants of the Order include fasting, celibacy, vows of silence and other forms of asceticism. It is known in Auberdine for its fervor and a favorite threat of parents to their children is, "If you don't stop right now, I'll send you off to Thori'dal!"

The Convent is run by the High Priestess Lakshmi.

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