Verune the Spirit Hand
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Verune
Faction Horde
Race Troll
Gender Female
Class Shaman
Guild Shadowspear Trolls
Professions Skinning, Enchanting, Exploring
IC Info
Nicknames N/A
Title Primal Elementalist
Age 25
Height 6'2"
Hair Crimson
Eyes Yellow-Gold
Skin Periwinkle
Alignment Neutral


Blood red hair pulled up into three seperate mohawks while simultaneously hanging down into three long, thin braids frame a sharply curved face, her skin a soft lavender-blue. Inch-long tusks protrude from her lips, though they aren't what grabs your eye when first looking at her face. An intricate moko a few shades darker than her natural lavender adorns the area across her cheekbones, coming to a pointed stop mid-cheek. Her top lip is also stained that deep blue, though the lower is still left it's original hue.

And it doesn't stop there.

Paler, raised scars trickle over nearly the entirety of the shaman's body in ornate tribal whorls and points, the designs curling under her armor leaving the viewer to decide if that was where they stopped. Although, if the teasing stretches of skin that mail armor already leave bare is anything to go by...

They don't.


'Firecracker' may be a cliche term, but when the shoe fits...

An avid self-proclaimed explorer, Verune has no trouble tossing herself into the unknown, concerning both the land and the people that reside on it. This seeming lack of self-preservational instict has left many of her friends and tribesmen gaping. Since her full integration into the Shadowspears, though, her behaviour has become little more than an irrational quirk that most have gotten used to. It's probably safe to assume that the other Shadowspears just hope that the rest of the horde can take her in stride, as well.

As such, she can seem more than abrupt at the best of times, and has probably offended more of her kin than lead to believe. She means well, though. Most of the time.

Despite her fiery demeanor, Verune has her moments of near-painful calm. She meditates regularly, praying and even conversing with the ancient elemental and primal spirits in the matters of Azeroth. The elements remain almost disinterested in such things, only looking to uphold the world's order as a whole instead of favoring one part over another, and in breaking out of her trances, the shaman often finds herself with nearly the same attitude. As a troll who puts her all into her beliefs, though, these moments don't phase her.

She acknowledges the need for balance in Azeroth, even if it means that no side, Horde, Alliance, or otherwise, will ever truly conquer another.



Notes of No Extreme ImportanceEdit

  • Unsurprisingly, Verune's favorite color is red. Red, red, red.
  • In her exploring, she has been taking mental notes of areas of Azeroth that, while useless quest-wise, are nevertheless interesting, and she is always a willing tour guide to such places if one only asks.
  • While the daughter of a fisherman, Verune does not know how to fish. At all.

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