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Hey thanks for telling me that, I was wondering why it didn't look right. I appreciate the help.

Hey Monroe here, Thanks for helping me out with Kaluza. For some reason the changes I did to what you posted aren't showing up I'm not sure why. Also how do I save screenshots in game into jpg/jpeg/bmp? I can upload those I can't view what they save them as default.

Use of storylines and events categories

Hey Lil,

I've been adding some fiction to the stories section, and I've found that while some of the work is finite, with a true story arc and closure (even if it fits into a larger work), while others are ongoing.

That got me thinking that perhaps those ongoing works might be better off in the storylines section. While a number of journals are personal and likely more recounting of what has happened to a character, others seem to hint at more and lay out potential RP possibilities.

Take Confidential Correspondence, which I initially archived because I enjoy Pariwinkle's humor. While ironically called confidential, it would be reasonable that others would pick up hints of what Tai and Pariwinkle are up to (most recently, jewelry). Someone picking up on that and either trying to help or hinder the efforts would be welcome.

So - would that be better off in the storylines section? I don't know - though you know I'm keen to try and make that area more lively and useful!

What's your take?


Greenhooves here, You may want to re-edit the Blood Elf Crest and Draenei icon since it seems the Sin'dorei are using a different version than the WC3 version and the Draenei have established a crest as well.

MAge the Ascension!?

Holy potatoes, I hardly ever find anyone else who liked that game.

It was my favourite RPG. I used to force my brother and his friends to play it with me... they preferred Rifts, of all things. Or Wherewolf.

I miss world of darkness - just wanted to give you and your pile of D10s a shout-out, Lil.

--Krelle 23:01, 12 March 2007 (GMT)

That game helped shape who I am. I'm a lover of Second Edition. Third was all right, but Second Edition was the bomb. The beauty of the game was that it turned BSing the Storyteller into an art form. I used to spend hours inventing new rotes and sketching schematics for devices. If you could back it up and balance it, you could use it. Brilliant.
The new WoD is a scourge, though. I nearly dropped to my knees and cried in the middle of the book store when I read the changes to the Traditions (or lack thereof). They're hollow shells of what once was.
Werewolf was all right, but Mage: The Ascension was where the action was at. Mages were the best of humanity--hope in its darkest hours. All the other games were about a race to nihilism; Mage stood out.My two best characters were a Son of Ether and an Innocent from Hunter. A Son of Ether's goal was to lead humanity into the glorious light of a better tomorrow. I think it was being in that character that helped me come to the understanding of the inherent human will to do good. I wish I could get into the shoes of Prof. Ziephus one more time....
What tradition was your favorite? And a /salute to you, fellow Awakened.
--Lilithia 23:19, 12 March 2007 (GMT)