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Welcome to my talk page! Mostly I'm setting this page up so that link stops looking red. Red is such an angry colour, don't you think?

Comments/questions about Krelle, Akindi, or whatever are welcome here. For the fastest response, PM Krelle through the Tong's boards. I'm a bit of a wiki addict though, so no doubt I'll notice posts here, as well.

So I'm not alone[]

Yeah, I made my own talk page for the very same reason. Same 'logic' applied to my user page. Blah ... I am so easily manipulated. At any rate, if you want to be sure you know when someone has posted here, you can set your page to 'watch' (tab in the upper right on my page). That should send you an e-mail when the page is changed.

Totally already did.[]

Worth it, imo. Now all my links are a happy blue - and when I logged in, it told me that I had a new message. How exciting!


Glad you liked it. Will color it soon. --Eupheria

It took me a little longer to get to coloring it than I had thought it would, but it was my first project with my brand spankin' new wacom tablet! Glad you like it! --Eupheria

hey boss[]

So how do I separate Daytura's page from LowMagick, as in how so I get her on the alphabetical Character list see and be seen and all that ;)?

Haha I figured it out. Funny what you can learn just by looking.

foget you saw this.