Earthen Ring Wiki

Name: Golrath, Warsong General

Nickname: Gol, Golly, Golworf

Clan(s): The Warsong and Tears of Draenor

Title: Warsong General


Race: Orc, Azerothian-born

Class: Warrior

Age: ~20

Sex: Male

Eyes: Deep Red

Hair: Dark Brown

Weight: 275lbs

Height: 6'9"

Garments/Armor: Leathers and plate


Golrath is a typical war-hardened, brute of an orc. His upper body is nothing, but in a pristine condition from constant battles, while he lower body, does not seem to differ from any other average orc. His eyes are a deep marron red, and his skin is a deep green. Golrath's physical build is sizable to say the least, his face, usually in a angry or saddened scowl shows any sense of a logical thought you be miles away. His dark brown har and beard seems to be somewhat tidy. His hair hanging in two braids at either side of his head and his beard, trimmed short.

Most of the time Golrath is seen with his armor, which is comprised of plate and leather straps, in hopes to be better prepared to defend. On his chest is a slightly torn Warsong talbard. It is usually clean of any blood or damages. On his back is usually a large axe or rock carved sword, both of which are seemingly well cared for.


Due to his past, Golrath has lost parts of his rationality and stability, not to mention patenice. Gradually he has gotten better with not resorting to swinging his axe at the slightest argument, but even in present times he is hot headed and not sane. Honor is something he holds above all, nowadays. If it is questioned from him, Golrath is likely to resort to his old savage self. His mind still stays far from sane or stable, but it not provoked he is usually calm, and even helpful.