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Story Category on Aelitiria Dawnsinger[]

Hi! I saw that you removed [[Category:Stories]] and replaced it with [[Category:Characters]] on the article for Aelitiria Dawnsinger. I believe that the purpose for Category:Stories being on the page may have been misunderstood. Categories those such as Category:Horde: Characters and Category:Blood Elf: Characters designate that the article is about a character. The template for character articles automatically generates those for pages from the text placed in the infobox, so that has already been done for the article about Aelitiria. The article also has a story contained on the same page, so the appropriate story category was added to allow for people to find it along with other fiction on the wiki. The page can easily be referenced as both a character page and a story page through that method.

I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding of the categories. If you have any other questions, we'll be happy to help!

--Lilithia 14:25, 26 February 2008 (UTC)