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Behind the Screen

Role-playing has always been a great way to entertain, educate and enrich my life. Being more on the artsy side of things, delving into the Rp world not only gives me wonderful ideas to draw or paint but also write about. Perhaps like many others, Dungeons and Dragons is where it all began. From then on, I found myself going into RP chat rooms to practice and see what I could do as a player with others, and try my hand at Rping in online games that, well, weren't best for such things, such as the Diablo series. Soon after, friends from home invited me to play several home-made games that continued to feed my imagination and encouraged me to play and experiment with an array of character ideas.

When I came to know World of Warcraft through friends, I was happy to see the Blizzard logo again engaged in a MMORPG. Starting in the Fall of 2005, I tried my hand at Wow creating a couple characters on the Thorium Brotherhood server; a Tauren warrior and a Night Elf druid. Before long, my friends talked me into switching to Earthen Ring and I have since been a part of its role-playing community, though perhaps a little hidden, hehe.

Playing on ER has given me a chance to meet incredible people, role-players and raiders/pvpers alike. I have been involved in an array of guilds and hope to never lose the friends I have met in them. I plan on being an active player in World of Warcraft for a long time, no matter the server, and look forward to every moment of it.

Currently, all my characters, for the most part, reside on one server. For the past year or so, I now call Moon Guard home and have met some wonderful people within the guild Maelstrom. Sadly, RP is still come and go, fading in and out but I'm still searching.




  • Kirahmi - main
  • Fayetala Stormtongue - shaman
  • Rhukmini - rogue

Guilds: Past and Present[]

  • Maelstrom - MG
  • Four Winds Traders - MG
  • True Bloods - ER
  • Knights-Errant - ER
  • Vital Gambit - SWC
  • Blood of Salvation - SWC
  • Akademia - ER
  • The Harlequinade - ER
  • Confatalis - ER
  • Fidelis Vexillum - Sentinels