Earthen Ring Wiki
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Vietnow
Faction Alliance
Race Draenei
Gender Male
Class Hunter
Guild Owners Of The Dream
Professions Mining, Jewelcrafting
IC Info
Nicknames Viet
Title Constable
Age Unknown
Height 6"-6"6
Hair None
Eyes Blue
Skin Blue
Alignment Justified

Physical Description[]

Vietnow is tall like most male Draenei, and is usually seen in one of three outfits: A tuxedo while off duty, a regulation chainmail uniform for while on duty, and a mail outfit comprised mostly of Scarlet gear and Highlander boots for off duty combat. Always carries a two-handed weapon, usually a Ravager, even while wearing a tuxedo.


Vietnow is many things: entrepreneur, hunter, explorer, adventurer, negotiator, animal expert, jewelcrafter, and binge alcoholic. While normally thoughtful and intelligent, he is humorous, random, and oblivious while drunk.


Vietnow was a wealthy Draenei whom escaped the on the Exodar, not to follow the light, but rather to escape bondage. Following the crash on Exodar, Vietnow decided to help his people before leaving to assist the people of Darnassus. He also traveled to many lands and made friends with members of the Horde, most notably Whitezombie. From there he quested and became exhalted among their people, purchasing a Saber once trusted enough. While in one of his drunken ventures, he befriended Cubrick, Cassendra, and Sunday, whom he strongly values. Vietnow once raided the Scarlet Cathedral and usurped most of their armor while drunk, which he now uses for combat. With growing concern for his friends and his favorite drinking spot, The Laughing Jester, and the sense of authority from performing a citizen's arrest upon a thief, Vietnow joined The Stormwind Guard in order to protect his interests, mostly the bar and his friends. Vietnow takes pride in his eccentricities.


Rage Rage is Vietnow's first pet, a Ravager. Rage is Vietnow's most trusted companion and is always his first choice. Some times he feels that Rage is the only one who can understand him.

Pinky Pinky is a Tallstrider that looks like a flamingo. Pinky has never seen any pratical use outside of drunkeness.

Death Rattle Death Rattle (often simply called "Death" or "Rattle") is an important member of the Stormwind Guard's Canine Unit. Death Rattle is unusually docile must usually be coaxed into performing offensive actions. Death Rattle is a young and eager hound who eats Vietnow out of house and home.