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The Guy Who Plays Tai Jiang

I cut my roleplaying teeth on pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. I fell in love with the idea of writing stories collaboratively and improvisationally. I hit college and moved away from the friends I'd played with, and found other things to do. Since then, I just haven't found a group, a result of my being picky and not really looking all that hard.

I dabbled in Ultima Online and EverQuest but they didn't capture me. That might have been more a reflection of where I was in life than the games. The timing, though, was right with World of Warcraft. I picked it up in March 2005, played around a bit on a PvE server to get the hang of the game, and then looked for a RP server. I honestly can't remember how I chose Earthen Ring, but I'm glad I did. I've found some incredibly creative people here as well as some just plain nice folks.

Zol'rin and I met and enjoyed each other, and dreamed up the idea of a cross-faction guild that was primarily low fantasy. At the time, there was a lot of PvP and it seemed like a fun niche to explore - a group that was working around the IC hostility between the factions. As the server has aged, and folks have gotten to know each AND roll alts on the other faction, that aspect has diminished. Fortunately, we've found that the concept of an organized crime 'family' has a lot of potential.

In addition to folks in the guild, I am truly impressed with the players here. That's why I volunteered to help Lil with this wiki as a moderator, assigned with Krelle to the Characters and Guilds and Groups sections. I believe that the key to a long-lived roleplaying community is cross-pollination, and this wiki is one way for players to find other players and discover the creativity of others.

Being a father of a toddler and two jobs (one of which is a business that my wife and I run) keeps me busy and limits the time I spend in-game, typically three nights a week. I try to make the most of that time, but have also found that I enjoy enhancing that time in-game by using this wiki and my guild forums to advance stories and track goings on. It's much easier to check the wiki or the forums at lunch at work than it is to log in!

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