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SilverShadow, in the flesh!

SilverShadow is known by many names and faces, but most just call her Deb. She's currently living with her husband, who goes by the name Quu, in the Atlanta, GA area. They have three cats, Sebastion, Ladye Gray, and Sasha; along with one adorable puppy named River.

At this time, I'm no longer playing WoW, but all my characters are not deleted nor are they killed off. If anyone wishes to contact any of my characters and is not opposed to doing so out of game, feel free to contact me at any time.

Via AIM: SilverShadowWoW or PeeJeeDarkmoon
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Note on Dates

By my personal reckoning, the OOC year of 2005 coincides with the ingame year of 619, beta being 618. Some people differ on dates though.