Earthen Ring Wiki
Gender Female
Race Human
Level 24
Affiliation Artists, Gamers, RPers, Writers
Location U.S.A.
Relative(s) RP-Partners The Ten, Drunken Monkey Brewery

WoW history[]

I Got my start on Shattered Hand (PvP) but got tired of that server type after a few months. Started bumming around on the official RP forums and discovered some cool people there, so I looked into an RP server. I tried out quite a few before I found Pazo and the Drunken Monkey Brewery, where I settled and have been happy ever since! For the last few years I've been building up a collection of characters that I love, and that (I hope) entertain others at least somewhat. ;)

Main Characters[]

Kel'rinar Silverardor -- A young blood elf apprentice mage. Formerly a spoiled, snotty brat. After recent events he has come to find out there is more to life than getting your way all the time.

Dorenar Silverardor -- Treasure-hunter extraordinaire and thrill-seeker with a sometimes gruff exterior and a boisterous sense of humor. Uncle of Kel'rinar and Dathenar.

Dathenar Silverardor -- High elf priest who is too nice for his own good, and the current head of the Silverardor household.

Rukra -- A young orc woman that works as a rum runner for the Drunken Monkey Brewery. Currently engaged to Dathenar.

Phiaas Xel'air -- A young draenei marksman and self-proclaimed boy genius with engineering, but often too curious for his own good.

((The following characters have pages in the works))

Jil'nasas Sheidore -- Kel'rinar's master and teacher. A former magus of the Kirin Tor who disappeared shortly after Dalaran was destroyed. He has reappeared recently and somehow ended up in the constant company of a certain blood knight.

Luzim Leafsong -- Middle-aged night elf druid that spends most of his time looking after his little brother.

Natalia Las'ala -- A former Magistrix of Silvermoon that crossed the wrong family and in turn crossed the wrong troll, leaving her exiled and crippled. She now seeks to regain some semblance of what she once had.

Ekozhan -- A scholarly troll that is fascinated with everything, especially everything elven.

Zeidakk -- A middle aged troll that recently broke free from the Lich King along with the other Knights of the Ebon Blade. He currently is trying to regain his memory and is (somewhat reluctantly) traveling with his only available link to his past.

Side Characters[]

Saphiaa Xel'air -- Phiaas' older sister. Overprotective and as blunt as the maces she wields.

Tenethan Dawnstalker -- A young Blood Knight with a grudge and a chip on his shoulder. He was an acquaintance of Kel'rinar's in Dalaran. (Deceased)

Tvalan Dawnstalker -- Older brother of Tenethan that has an uncanny resemblance to the late blood knight despite the two not being twins. He also knew Kel'rinar in Dalaran.