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Hello, and welcome to my user page! This page is used to show my current and completed projects, a little about myself, and times available for discussions, meetings, or events.

Current WoW Projects[]

  • House Emberfall Revival

House Emberfall is back, alive, and is going through redevelopment and reestablishment. Bereave is handling recruiting and various general operations, which leaves me free to brainstorm structure, organization, roleplay opportunities, and write. Speaking of writing...

  • The Prodigal Exile

My writer's block died after three or so years, and the Prodigal Exile is the result of that. I write chunks of it as roleplay progresses. Lilithia's history has come back to haunt her through the events in WotLK, and as the story develops, the consequences could ripple far and wide.

  • Flying Carpet

I ran some calculations, and found that I needed 875 pieces of Frostweave Cloth from tailoring skill level 400 to get to be able to make my first and only flying mount. My friends throw me cloth when they can (bless them), but only a tailor can quickly gather stacks. So, I'm doing the activity I hate the most: grinding.

Completed WoW Projects[]

  • The Wiki

Still running and evolving after all these years.

  • Level 80

Yup. Got there.

A Little About Me[]

The more I reflect on it, the odder I find that I am playing a Warcraft game at all. I've found myself typically drawn to more science fiction and post-apocalyptic stories and settings than fantasy worlds, and the closest I came to becoming involved in fantasy universes before WoW was through infrequent AD&D and my beloved Mage: The Ascension games (though I played a Son of Ether, which was really more of sci-fi). I find myself instantly drawn in by almost any sci-fi book or screenplay, and am a big fan of Deep Space Nine. I suppose some of my sci-fi leanings bleed into some of my main character, Lilithia, as she writes things such as Paradigma and Azeroth and devises the Radiating Powers Model.

I read. I write (I'm a hack, though). I'll watch almost any script or screenplay and enjoy the experience on some level. I can sing moderately well, and I used to play the cornet in concerts and field marching shows. I am project oriented, and deeply enjoy building and creating things. I prefer to focus less on details, and more on the whole of activities and concepts.

I work as a data analyst at a large aeronautics corporation in Georgia, USA. I have a puppy, who is a loyal, skinny little Whippet/Pit Bull mix. When I am not working or on WoW, I am usually at a local bar with friends or coworkers.

And that about sums up everything personal I'll write on a public page. Whee.

Contact Information[]


I am at work M-Th, 7:00AM - 6:00PM, and irregular times on Friday mornings and afternoons. All other times are generally free, unless I have made other plans. Also, I am a night owl.


I prefer that most wiki issues be handled through wiki-based communications, such as discussion pages and my Discussion Page, to assure transparency of operations to our server's community.
For any other issues/conversation/general banter:

  • Email: Lilithia.Emberfall AT - I am unable to respond to e-mails from my office. E-mails are usually answered during my evenings, nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • In-Game: Lilithia is my main, a Horde-side character on the Earthen Ring server. In-game is, by far, the least effective way to communicate something urgent to me--send e-mails for serious issues. (Please, do not try to discover my alts and contact me through those unexpectedly--if I want you to know what they are, you will know by my personal disclosure. I do not mean to seem rude when stating such a policy, so please take no offense. I use my infrequent alt time for escape from the 'work' my main is associated with.)