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OOC Info[edit | edit source]

I hail from the US Undermine server with two mains. lv 80 Draenei Shaman, Darkvanguard. Lv 80 Draenei Death Knight, Skéith. I heard of this server when I was randomly googling stuff and came across this wikia. I found myself enthralled by the information and soaked it up like a sponge. Eventually I decided to come here, with a friend, and set up shop and as many have done, I assume, made a DK on the server. My priorities, character wise, are under developement.

If you wish to contact my DK for any reason, Amyssia, send me a tell or in-game mail and I'll gladly join in on RPs. But for right now, the RPs I'm interested in for the time being are RPs that can happen over time while leveling.

My intention in dealing with game content is to level through as a Tank so that way I will not have to wait (long) for random ques or getting into dungeons for quests.

Furture characters may be a possibility for instance I may remake my shaman onto the server but that may have to wait until Cataclysm.

Characters[edit | edit source]

On this Wikia, I am managing both mine and my friend's DK. Future characters may be added that I may have to manage. Amyssia


Character plans[edit | edit source]


  • Get to level 80
    • Obtain flying asap
    • Obtain epic flying to start grinding Netherwing Quests for personal preferences and RP reasons
  • Get involved with realm activities whenever possible.
  • Finish the opening entries of Amyssia's journal up to the point of her current adventures as a DK
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