Well hi there.

My name's Kathleen. I like long walks on the beach and ... right.

Krelle is my main character, though Akindi's still alive and kicking. If you'd like to contact me, the Tong's forums are probably the best way to do it - just PM Krelle. Or leave a message at the beep!

Other characters I play hordeside include Ajeera, troll warrior extraordinaire, Ikanda, the tauren healer who takes no crap, and Zulamani, an Amani shaman with an incentive to learn. Alliance-side I play Bernnadette and Thorvauld, two of the redoutable Ironspike dwarves, Fae, the night elf stripper with a heart of gold (Ok, not really, she's actually an out-of-work cat burglar), Lirrya Bentfender and Sprockitt Bentfender (yeah, they're gnomes. How'd you guess?).



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