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Lol, gypsy costume. Wut?


Naiama is really Earthsprite. Most people call her Nai, which is perfectly fine, as long as everyone remembers she doesn't dance on mailboxes. She spends countless hours online. It's quite sad, really. But at least she's having a good time.

She's just a West-coaster lost in the sea of east-coast ER players.

Nai quit WoW last October and did so again in May. Now she's back. She may be in and out of WoW forever, who knows?


Can often be found on AIM sn naiamatahlas, or at naiama at gmail dot com


Art and Stories



Devised a table to compare the most popular timelines used here. Check it out via Google Spreadsheets.

Feel free to contact Nai about working with timelines and whatnot.

Aligned Powers

Devised a table to compare the 9 known powers (Earthen Ring lore) and the 9 alignments:

Lawful Good Neutral Good Chaotic Good
Light Druidic (Nature) Shamanic (Elemental)
Lawful Neutral Neutral Chaotic Neutral
Arcane (Nether) Kinetic (Planetary) Sidhe
Lawful Evil Neutral Evil Chaotic Evil
Shadow (Void) Vile (Great Dark Beyond) Fel (Demonic)

Unanswered questions regarding table:

  • What is the power of the Old Gods? If it is Elemental, why are Shamans of 'Good'? (Generally considered to be so in canon). What does this mean for the Lieutenants of the Old Gods?