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This is the User Page for the player behind the character "Cogitatus-EarthenRing". For the page regarding the character instead of the player, please refer to Cogitatus. For stories by me or involving my characters, please see Category:Cogitatus.

Characters on Earthen Ring[]

The following is a listing of the characters I have on the United States Earthen Ring server of the World of Warcraft:

James Chronicle, also known as Cogitatus (in-game "Cogitatus"), human mage, refugee of Lordaeron, SASU privateer.

Jarrabean Ironback (in-game "Jarrabean"), dwarf warrior, the son of Ragnar Ironback (doesn't exist in-game) who is a friend of Cogitatus's father in the Second War. That friendship carried on to the next generation.

Morandy Twinklespark (in-game "Morandy"), gnome mage. A refugee of Gnomeregan and the only known survivor of his family. Was befriended by Cogitatus and Jarrabean after the two prevented him from committing suicide in the Great Forge.

Eiellrinn Moonhelm (in-game "Eiellrinn"), a night elf druid. I haven't developed the backstory for him as yet other than he fought in the War of the Ancients.

Lavenn... I forget what surname I OOCly picked. Stillwind, maybe? (In-game "Lavenn") Night elf hunter. I haven't worked out his backstory, either, other than he's only a couple of thousand years old, fought in the War of the Shifting Sands, fought and got injured in the battle at Mount Hyjal, and is relearning how to fight after physical rehabilitation.

Miles Raga (in-game "Milesraga"), human rogue. A young man who tried to make a life as a farmer in Westfall before the Defias took over. Now he works as a traveling tailor with a grudge against the Defias. Quoting the FlagRSP subtitle: "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy, ((Ripoff))" Modeled very very loosely after Garak in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, though not quite so old. The name "Miles Raga" was chosen to be an anagram of "Elim Garak".

Varlenogh, dwarf priest. I haven't decided on his backstory, yet, but I've been pondering ideas on how to also roleplay him as the captain of one of the ships that ferries Alliance travelers in-game.

Rhobuun, draenei shaman, one of the original draenei who fled Argus with Velen, former Vindicator of the Light but turned to shamanism after the demonstration by Farseer Nobundo at Telredor.

Tallima, tauren shaman. No backstory, as yet.


I no longer play World of Warcraft. I can only be contacted by SASU forum PM at under the forum name "Cogitatus".