Earthen Ring Wiki
Benji alias 'Kurast'
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Alakthul
Faction American
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Jedi
Guild Southern United States
Professions Retail, Music
IC Info
Nicknames Kurast, Kurry, The Enforcer
Title Jedi Knight
Age 19
Height 6'0
Hair Dark Blonde
Eyes Green
Skin Pale
Alignment Neutral

Alakthul Moongazer<-- Go there if you want to know about the character.

Antoj DuSang<-- Cause everyone has a death knight!

Derek Renn<-- Warriors are too much fun.

Otherwise, I am the person behind Alakthul. While it seems cliche to be a demon hunter, I have been enthralled with them since before I even started playing WC3 as evidenced by my first Roleplaying character, Kurast, who was a self proclaimed 'Demon Knight,' a former paladin who bound himself to a demon and then used that power against other demons.

I am a proud believer of the Force, as well as a believer of God and all of his prophets. As a part of my daily regimen, I meditate and attempt to feel the Force around me in a somewhat druidic fashion.

I was raised in the South and born to a large Southern family (on both sides), however I live near Seattle now. I have a strong fascination with European History, as well as Civil War and World War History. I enjoy playing videogames that allow non-linear progression or free-form. I have roleplayed for 10 years, starting with the roleplaying maps on Starcraft in '98, and progressing to Forum roleplaying in '01 and Chat Roleplaying (via client) in '02. I have been a jazz musician since 2001, playing the Trombone. I am a proud alumnus of the Kentwood High School from Covington, WA Class of '07.

I am a very apathetic person when it comes to politics, religion, sexuality, race, gender, and wealth. All persons are equal in the Force and the eye(s) of God, and thus I do not show preference to any except those I truely care for, which stands at 3 people so far. I love dogs but prefer cats and am a very low maintenance person.

I tell you all of this because I am one of those people who comes off sounding like an asshole at time, when I do not intend it. My lack of general care for the politics of the world makes it to where I often state my dislike of certain things that may or may not be offensive to some. Do not take it as "oh he's a bigot." I just view simple things as religious wars are petty, stupid, and counter intuitive.

That being said, I like to create roleplaying character who are the joker-ish types. Examples include my warrior, Vasilis, who is an Arathi. I base his personality on the fun-loving Scotsmans who it prone to mild eccentricity, binge drinking, and casual violence. Alakthul himself is very carefee and openly perverse, yet he has a strong moral code (so any advances are nothing more than wishful thinking, sorry ladies :P ). Antoj is just oblivious, but I fear that I may chase off certain Light-thumpers by going into detail.