Full Name: Uriel Truesight
In game: Uriell

Guild: The Triune Order
Title: Priest Initiate, Servant of Eonar

Race: Human
Class: Priest

Age: 28
Sex: Never! (ha)!
Hair: Strawberry blond
Eyes: One eye grey, another pale/burned
Height 6'3"
Garments: Twill set, plain vest. Face or eyes partially covered by either hat or glasses

Alignment: Unknown


Uriel for the most part is friendly and cheerful. Though he keeps mostly to himself. His hair, a strawberry blond is tied neatly in a ponytail. He often covers his face to hide the burns and scars upon it.

He studies hard and dreams one day to be a priest, although he often fails lacking certain mental faculties that is required of the profession.

Not much is known of his past except that he had been an apprentice to an old priest, Cephas, since he was a boy.

Uriell finds speaking of himself in the 3rd person to be slightly disturbing.

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