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Urami Birkin
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Urami
Faction Horde
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Class Warlock
Guild Guildless
Professions Mining & Engeneering
IC Info
Nicknames Ura
Title "Demon straight from hell" -self-appointed, a long time ago
Age Chronologically, 51, though he's only spent 31 of them "alive"
Height 5'6"
Hair Stained purple
Eyes Dead sockets. Occasionally he will create Eyes of Kilrogg inside his empty sockets.
Skin Pale white
Alignment Chaotic evil in life, Chaotic good in (un)death

Physical Description[]

  • Garments/Armor: Ragged robes, nothing notable.
  • Other: Urami is blind, relying on his summoned demons, or Eyes of Kilrogg to see for him. His lower jaw is missing and his tongue dangles.


In a word: Unstable. Urami changes topics and moods erratically during converations, often switching from profound, to sarcastic, to perverted. Occasionally his old (evil) personality will resurface for ever-so-brief amounts of time. However, despite how he may be acting, he is always paying attention and ready to react to any threat.


Urami was born in the year 570, where he spent his life living in a small village near Stormwind. When the First War started up, he was recruited into the army and fought the rampaging Horde. After a chance encounter with an orc warlock, Urami "persuaded" the warlock to show him how to use warlock magics. The warlock did, and Urami, who had a latent aptitude for fel magics, became a warlock. Urami returned to his base, eager to show his new skills, was met with hostility by his division. Urami, in a rage wiped them all out. He later managed to diguise himself as a refugee and traveled to Lordaeron. Urami reclaimed an abandoned tower in the countryside, and began to conduct grizzly experiments in demonology, often abtucting travelers for sacrifices. At the end of the second war Urami's presence and activities did not escape the notice of the still standing army. After sending one or two soldiers to investigate, rsulting in the soldiers not returning, an entire battalion was dispatched to investigate. They discovered and captured Urami, but not without heavy casualties. Urami had his eyes cut out, was hanged, and tossed in a unmarked grave. However, Urami had stored his soul in a soulstone- but one of the survivors of the attack on his tower had stolen the stone, thinking it a valuable gem. In that from it was passed around the alliance kingdoms for 20 years, before finding it's way into a dwarf mountaneer's amulet. During the battle of the Shifting sands said dwarf was crushed, amulet and all beneath the hive Ashi colossus. Urami's soul was released, and found it's way back to his now decayed corpse.

Urami ressurected, decaying and suffering from amneisa and a unstable personality. He wandered the lands, serving the horde, finally discovering his past in the annals of the Scarlet Monastary. Disgusted by his past, he set out to "live" the rest of his life repenting the wrongs of his past life.