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Ulaumao Longplain
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Ulaumao
Faction Horde
Race Tauren
Gender Male
Class Druid
Guild Guildless
Professions Leatherworking, Skinning
IC Info
Title Druid
Age 25
Height 7' 8"
Hair Taupe Brown
Eyes Pear Green
Skin Chocolate Brown
Alignment Neutral

Basic Information[]

Born in the Barrens of Kalimdor, much of Ulaumao Longplain's family resides in and around the village of Camp Taurajo.

Ulaumao is a feral druid whose preferred form is feline. In this form, thanks mostly to his frequent companion, Raysha, he has become known as "Slinky." When multiple foes threaten, he switches into the form of a dire bear.

His first name is pronounced Oo-law-mayo.


Ulaumao is rather easygoing but serious and focused when the situation demands it. He also employs a rather snarky sense of humor.


After a life spent growing up in the Barrens, Ulaumao traveled to Thunder Bluff in Mulgore and, from there, to the Moonglade to begin his training as a druid. By the time he was an adult, he had seen much of the continent - either bounding across it in the form of a feline or soaring above it on the back of a wind rider.

Not long before the opening of the Dark Portal to Outland, Ulaumao was hired by Stamp Bloodhoof to look out for Stamp's sister, Raysha, as she trained in the ways of the huntress. Stamp also gave Ulaumao the job of writing the new chronicles of the warrior's adventures after the death of the original author, Gizmik Fazzle.

Eventually, he and Raysha began their own adventures in Outland, occasionally crossing paths with members of the Tears of Draenor.

Soon after joining the Tears, however, Ulaumao was ambushed by Rote and a felguard possessed by the spirit of Evil Overlord Stamp in Nagrand, on a hill overlooking Halaa. Ulaumao died in the attack.