Tsao Pei
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Tsaopei
Faction Alliance
Race Human
Gender Male
Class Warrior
Guild Gray Tiger Tong
IC Info
Nicknames Master of the Iron Fist
Title Tiger Claw
Age 27
Hair Bald
Eyes Green
Skin Slightly tan
Alignment Lawful Good

Physical DescriptionEdit



Tsao Pei was born and raised in the village of Iron Fist, not far from the city of Stratholme in northern Lordaeron. Iron Fist was famous for it's masters of the martial arts. During the Second Horde Invasion, warriors from Iron Fist used their hand-to-hand mastery and helped win several decisive battles that turned the tide of the war. These men and women returned home as heroes. Tsao's parents were among these heroes, and he trained hard to become just like them. For fifteen years, peace reigned throughout the land, and Iron Fist was left to train it's next generation of heroes. Alas, war was to come again to the land...

As the undead Scourge began it's conquest of Lordaeron, the villagers in Iron Fist continued their normal lives, unaware of the new enemy that threatened the world. Then, one night, a shadowy figure was seen passing through the village. Wherever he went, people became sick and pale the next day. A day after this, Prince Arthas arrived in town, on his way to Stratholme. The Prince was alarmed to learn of the shadowy visitor, and believed the sickness that the villagers had been afflicted with was actually the dreaded plague of undeath. In order to stop the spread of the plague, Arthas decided that the only course of action was to kill all the villagers and burn Iron Fist to the ground. Though Tsao Pei was in the village at the time it was to be destroyed, he doesn't know what really happened. The last thing he remembers is the villagers, including his parents, vowing not to fight Prince Arthas' men. They would not betray their kingdom, even if it meant their deaths.

Tsao Pei awoke in Southshore a few weeks later, unable to remember what had transpired. He learned that his village had indeed been razed, along with Stratholme, by Arthas. He also found out that Arthas had betrayed his kingdom and murdered his father, the King of Lordaeron. Tsao Pei swore that he would make Arthas pay for what he had done. He redoubled his efforts to train himself, knowing that he was not strong enough to defeat his sworn enemy. Then, two years later, he met Tai Jiang and decided to join the Grey Tiger Tong. He quickly rose through the ranks, using his powerful fists to destroy his enemies. Tsao keeps his exact reasons for joining the Tong to himself, though he is totally loyal to his new family. Tsao Pei never gives up, and is willing to do anything to help the Tong.

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