The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.

True Bloods

Basic Information[edit | edit source]

  • Guild Leader: Venthe (MIA)
  • RP "newbie" friendly: Yes

Focus/Mindset[edit | edit source]

The True bloods was a good to neutral alligned guild dedicated to routing out corruption among the Horde and within the Alliance itself. The guild was sworn to assist those on need whether Alliance or Horde. One of the primary missions of the True Bloods was to restore the child King of Stormwind to Lordaeron once it has been reclaimed and remove him from the corrupt influences his is currently subjugated to.

Requirements/Restrictions[edit | edit source]

No level restrictions.

Raiding/PVP Interest[edit | edit source]

Raided instances and engage in some PvP.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

This guild has disbanded, and many of its members have moved to another server.

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