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Christina “Tisina” Carteret

Christina “Tisina” Carteret

In-Game: Tisina


Race: Forsaken

Class: Mage

Professions: Tailoring, Skinning

Age: 20 (succumbed to the plague at age 15)

Sex: Female

Hair: Light Blonde

Eyes: Glowing, were light blue

Weight: 90 lbs.

Height: 5’4”


Appearing to have succumbed to the plague at adolescence, this young woman seems to be confused and possibly in shock. She wears a too-large gold signet ring of the Order of the Silver Hand on the middle finger of her right hand, and is often seen wearing the robes of Dalaran. She speaks with a lisp, and treats the tiny pink felhound that follows her as a beloved puppy.



(NOTE: Tisina only has flashes of remembrance of the following.)

Tisina’s father, Frederic, was born in Stormwind and trained as a Priest of the Light.

When the First War began, Frederic helped to defend Stormwind. Badly wounded, he was saved from certain death by a young female mage from Dalaran, Laerin Davenport, whom he married later that year.

Unable to continue to fight for the Alliance, Frederic and his wife then escaped Stormwind and hid out in Southshore, where Christina Laerin was born towards the end of the war.

At the start of the Second War, Frederic became a member of the Knights of the Silver Hand and was able to completely heal his old war wound. He then rejoined the Alliance forces in the fight against the Horde.

After the Second War, Tisina’s mother returned to Dalaran and brought her family with her. The young Christina had taken to calling herself “Tisina”, and the nickname stuck.

As a student at the Mage Academy, Tisina was permitted to visit a friend in Tarren Mill during Winter’s Veil. She succumbed to the Plague as Dalaran was destroyed, and joined the Scourge’s army.

Five years later, Tisina, perpetually age 15, awakened in Deathknell, and began to train in magery in earnest while trying to put together the remaining pieces of her memory.

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