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Benny Tinkersprock
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Tinkersprock
Faction Alliance
Race Gnome
Gender Female
Class Rogue
Guild N/A
Professions Engineering, First Aid, Minning, Lock picking, Poisons.
IC Info
Nicknames Tink, Tinker
Title N/A
Age 65 (20 in Human Years)
Height 3.5
Hair Green
Eyes Lightblue
Skin White
Alignment Neutral Good

Physical Description[]

Tinkerspock looks like your generic female gnome: Short. She generally keeps her hair short, and often is seen in her work outfit covered in oil stains and other engineering bits.


Tinkersprock is not exactly in the best of states following the Affair at Gnomeregan, infact its fair to say shes a couple Arclight Spanners short of a full tool box. Couple with this her memory loss and her "chats" with her Mechanical Squirrel "Mr. Beasley" and you've got a gnome that most would say is off her rocker. She does aim to do good though despite her odd ways.


Most records concerning Tinkersprock were lost during the fall of Gnomeregan. What is known is she worked for one of the More larger Gnomish engineering groups as a test pilot/intern. This ultimately saved her life, as she was apparently helping test a new prototype ejection system for Gnome Gyrotcopters when the radiation tanks were vented, sadly the test unit was overpowered and instead of being launched out of the copter she was launched clear out of Gnomeregan and landed in a large snow drift in Coldridge Valley. Even worse the impact resulted in a complete loss of her memory that she still hasn't been able to recover. Since then however she's gone on to learn the ways of the rogue, but for some reason prefers to use her knowledge of engineering to attack rather then stealth. This attracts quite a few jokes from the other rogues, but she shrugs them off. She often now goes into battle a companied by her one companion "Mr. Beasley" a mechanical squirrel built by her. He also at least according to Tinkersprock gives her ideas for certain jobs shes been contracted out for. Sadly they aren't always the best, most notable was the time he suggested bombarding Stonewatch Keep with Acorns launched by catapult to make the Blackrock Orcs flee in Terror.