Earthen Ring Wiki

Ongoing Investigations and Open Cases

--by Capt. Dugald Taggart-Gallina

The Information in here should be considered OOC information unless your character has access to Guard Files.[]

Gray Tiger Shipping Company[]


Rumors have circled about this shipping company being involved in contraband and smuggling. Crates bearing the mark of the shipping company mysteriously disappeared before guard members were able to execute a search warrant on The Jester.

The shipping company is currently under investigation.

The Imperial Guard[]


In light of recent events, the Imperial Guard is wanted for questioning. Former suspect of murder and assault charges, Helena Sorionio is currently a protected witness, as such her outstanding warrants are suspended until further notice. Anyone seeking to claim the price on her head or seek her out violently are to be charged with the proper crime to fit whatever form of harassment this consists of. Details of the case will be posted here once an official statement is taken from a representative of the Imperial Guard.

Any questions regarding this case, please direct towards Corporal Klania or Lance Constable Drisk.