The Stormwind Guard Criminal Files

--by Captain Dugald Taggart-Gallina

Aero, Adamis Edit

Assault on a guard. 3 warnings.

Ayls, Saphrina Edit

10/4/08 Convicted on the charges of Accessory to murder and of being aligned with the Scourge. She was caned and branded with a small black hand on her left cheek.

Blyde, Lord Calithos Edit

Total number of accrued warnings: 1 (Resist arrest)

Criminal History

One count of Resisting Arrest.


Winvale, Veras Edit

1 count of assault on a citizen


Elizaveth Edit

1 count of assault on a citizen

Vigo Edit

Wanted: Attempted Murder, Attempted Rape

Valtarion Edit

Wanted: 2 counts of assault on citizens, resisting arrest

Eltus Edit

1 count of assault on a citizen, resisting arrest

Men, Per Edit

1 Count Damage on City Property;

2 Counts Transformation of a person/item against the person/owners will;

2 Counts Disrespectful activity near sacred places;

1 Count Arrest, resisting;

3 Counts of creating a Public Disturbance;

1 Count of Loitering with Intent.

Silverwing, Kathetia Edit

Criminal History

Confessed and found guilty of five murders at Mirror Lake, see closed files.

Sunwise, Havyn Edit

Assault on a guard 10/5/08 3 warnings.

Veracht, Ananaias Edit

Total number of accrued warnings: if found guilty of 6 murders: 36 warnings plus 1 warning for resisting arrest.

Confirmed dead on 9/28/08

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