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Thalleia, Daughter of Kharsk, Mate of Etar
OOC Game Stats
Game Name Thalleia
Faction Horde
Race Orc
Gender Female
Class Hunter, Shaman
Guild Tears of Draenor
Professions Skinning, Leatherworking
IC Info
Nicknames Thal
Title None
Age 19
Height 6'1"
Hair Long, chestnut brown with auburn sun streaks.
Eyes Light brown.
Skin Green.
Alignment Chaotic Neutral

Physical Description[]

Of average height for a female of her kind, just over six feet, Thalleia's build is somewhat leaner than might be expected. Though by no stretch of the imagination is she sickly or weak, there is the distinct impression she has missed more than a meal or two in her time. Her companion, however, appears at the peak of health. Her thick gray fur has a fine luster only a good diet and careful grooming could account for. Eyes bright with puppyish curiosity, pink tongue often lolling to the side, Dordei's wolfish grin evinces an eager readiness for another round of chase or fetch.

Dressed in well worn leathers, second or third hand by the looks of them, Thalleia might easily be mistaken for a peon at first glance. Her weapons, like her leathers, have passed through countless hands before coming to rest in Thalleia's. Though old and outdated, Thalleia cares for each item as if precious, extending their use with careful maintenance.

There is a naive, almost childlike lack of shame where her body is concerned. Unable to pass a body of water deep enough to swim, Thalleia will strip to her skivvies without a moments hesitation. When met with embarassed glances and questioning stares she returns the looks with confusion. To swim in her leathers would damage them and hinder her movements, not to mention be terribly uncomfortable. She considers her undergarments coverage enough; linen halter, loincloth and oddly enough, thick linen bands wrapped around her ankles and wrists. Only if the bands were removed would she feel truly exposed.


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Life goes on

The Naming








Etar and Thalleia's mating ceremony