The Hidden Biobox automatically categorizes a character page and creates a basic biographical description box without a box appearing on the character page. This is intended to standardize the basic, "dry" character information to allow quick sorting of the character into the appropriate wiki categories. This box will not affect the appearance of your page.


Copy the below text into a character page and fill in the blanks.


Field Descriptions

  • game_name: The name of the character exactly as it appears in-game.
  • faction: The faction of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. Alliance or Horde. This is for category purposes and does not have to reflect the character persona.
  • guild: Name of the guild the character belongs to. Please print this as it appears in-game.
  • class: This is the class of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. "Mage," "Warrior," etc.
  • race: The race of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. "Tauren," "Blood Elf," etc.
  • gender: The gender of the character.
  • alignment: The personality alignment of the character. "Neutral," "Lawful Good," "Chaotic Evil," etc.
  • professions: The professions of the character. This may be such as "Tailoring, Leatherworking," or "Temporal Field Fluinetics." Whatever fits the character best.

Template Appearance

Again, no box will appear on the page.

Do not use the text below

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