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| {{{professions}}}
| {{{professions}}}
[[Category:{{{faction}}}]][[Category:{{{faction}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{race}}}]][[Category:{{{race}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{class}}}]][[Category:{{{class}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{game_name}}}]][[Category:{{{guild}}}]]

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The Biobox automatically categorizes a character page and creates a basic biographical description box. This is intended to ease the process of writing the basic, "dry" character information and sorting it into the wiki, as well as establishing a standard character page appearance.


Copy the below text into a character page and fill in the blanks.


Field Descriptions

  • subject_name: This is the full name of the character.
  • faction: The faction of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. Alliance or Horde. This is for category purposes and does not have to reflect the character persona.
  • guild: Name of the guild the character belongs to. Please print this as it appears in-game.
  • title: Titles bestowed upon the character. "Sir," "Lady," "General," "Grand Soulrender," etc.
  • nicknames: Nicknames for the character.
  • game_name: The name of the character exactly as it appears in-game.
  • picture: A picture of the character. This is a file name for a file uploaded on the Earthen Ring Wiki. Ex.: BobtheWarrior.jpg or Sam_by_Sarah.jpg. The picture is automatically resized for the page. Visit the Help:File Uploads page for more information.
  • class: This is the class of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. "Mage," "Warrior," etc.
  • race: The race of the character as defined by in-game mechanics. "Tauren," "Blood Elf," etc.
  • gender: The gender of the character.
  • age: The age of the character. Precise or ambiguous.
  • height: The height of the character. Precise or ambiguous.
  • weight: The weight of the character. Precise or ambiguous.
  • hair: The hair color of the character. If there is no hair, fill in "N/A," no hair," etc.
  • eyes: The eye color of the character. If there are no eyes, fill in "N/A," no eyes," etc.
  • skin: The skin color/texture of the character.
  • alignment: The personality alignment of the character. "Neutral," "Lawful Good," "Chaotic Evil," etc.
  • professions: The professions of the character. This may be such as "Tailoring, Leatherworking," or "Temporal Field Fluinetics." Whatever fits the character best.

Template Appearance

Do not use the text below

Guild [[{{{guild}}}]]
Title {{{title}}}
Nicknames {{{nicknames}}}
Game Name {{{game_name}}}
Class [[:Category:{{{class}}}| {{{class}}}]]
Race [[:Category:{{{race}}}| {{{race}}}]]
Gender {{{gender}}}
Age {{{age}}}
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Hair Color {{{hair}}}
Eye Color {{{eyes}}}
Skin Color {{{skin}}}
Alignment {{{alignment}}}
Professions {{{professions}}}

[[Category:{{{faction}}}]][[Category:{{{faction}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{race}}}]][[Category:{{{race}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{class}}}]][[Category:{{{class}}}: Characters]][[Category:{{{game_name}}}]][[Category:{{{guild}}}]]