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Templars of the Rose[]

The Templars of the Rose emblem.

General Information[]

Founded: October 3, 2007

Type: Heavy RP

Faction: Alliance

Alignment: Neutral Good



GM: Arialynn

Co-GM: Koryander

Officers: Jarrick (Raid Lead), Sielic (Recruitment Officer)


Welcome to the Templars of the Rose Earthen Ring Wiki page. Listed here is information about what kind of guild Templars is, who runs it and what we do here on Earthen Ring. We are always seeking new members who want to join our ranks, and this wiki entry is here to let you get to know us without needing to log into the game.

If you have any questions about our guild, do not hesitate to contact any of the players listed above ingame. Finally, if you would like to continue to get to know us, feel free to visit our gaming network.


Templars of the Rose was originally founded by a player by the handle of Draecus in October 2007. By November, Althwyn took over guild leadership, and led the guild for two years until briefly turning over leadership to Thalynn in Spring 2009, and officially retiring in September 2009. Guildmastership passed to Arialynn in September 2009. The Rose maintained its original neutral concept from its creation, and continues to house many of its core founding members to this day. In 2015, the guild officially expanded chapters into multiple games, including World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Final Fantasy 14, and others.

About Us: In-Character[]

The Templars of the Rose is a military-based organization that seeks to remain neutral amid Alliance-Horde conflicts. It instead focuses on enemies of Azeroth such as the Burning Legion or Scourge, and works tirelessly towards promoting Alliance and Horde cooperation in combating these threats. The Rose offers financial aid, education as well as military assistance in these pursuits.

About Us: Out-of-Character[]

Templars is an Alliance-side neutral guild that enjoys the roleplay, PvE and PvP aspects of Warcraft. It is a medium-sized guild made up of many unique players, and as such its members play just-as-unique characters.

In and out of game, Templar is a tight-knit community of friends that are prone to prank as well as support one another. In short, Templars is a dysfunctional but happily content online family.

It is encouraged to all those wishing to join the Templars to possess a working knowledge of Warcraft Lore (or at least the willingness to learn), enjoyment for roleplay and finally a good sense of humor. Players that have joined Templar ranks in the past but lacked one of these three traits found themselves an ill-fit. Templars is traditionally a relaxed and fun-loving guild.


All players interested in joining Templars of the Rose should head on over to and join. We'll see you there!