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Templars of Light

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Ortega

Guild Website:

Contact Person/Method: Contact Ortega/Aeriana through mail or whispers

Recruiting Status: Open

RP "Newbie"- Friendly: Yes


The Templars of Light lost, over time, any clearly defined identity as a group. While all its members still fight to protect the Alliance, the reasons motivating them have become as varied as the personalities within it. They all share one important common trait, however: they recognize the value of self-sacrifice and aiding their peers, and are fiercely loyal to their friends.


No jerks!

Raiding Interest:[]

Low End/Instance (On our own), High End Instance(Through alliances), Battlegrounds

Other Info:[]

Our role-play is casual, and often very silly. While we all love to indulge in more serious role-play from time to time, our own plots oft involve bunnies conspirating to overthrow lady Prestor. We are mostly a bunch of carebears, enjoying the game while helping each others to the best of our capabilities.