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The subject of this article is dormant and is not currently active on the Earthen Ring Server.

Full Name: Tayji Swiftbreeze
In-Game: Tayji
Nickname: Tay

Guild: Bravery Beyond Reason

Race: Night Elf
Class: Rogue Assassin
Professions: Master Alchemist/Herbalist

Age: N/A
Sex: Male
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Amber
Weight: 295lbs.
Height: 7'10"
Garments/Armor: Shadowcraft (grey/black)
Other: He wears his hair in a ponytail so that people can tell him apart from his brother, and he is seldom seen without his daggers or armor.

Alignment: Neutral Good.


Although blunt, he is unusually pleasant for an assassin. He seems caring and kind-hearted, yet his eyes and general manners suggest otherwise.


Tayji was born into a fatherless life. Son of Dranii Swiftbreeze, he grew up with his twin sibling Cartius. However, he grew jealous of his brother's prowess with druidic magic. They grew apart, and Tayji delved into the dark arts of the Assassin. As he and his brother fought the Burning Legion, they seldom interacted with each other. This separation was broken however, when their mother fell fatally ill. At her side, they both swore to stay true to her teachings; and after she passed away they reunited as best friends, and brothers. Tayji is a proud night elf and does not take to other races very quickly, although once he establishes friendship he is very loyal. He's fond of females, but his blunt attitude as a rogue does not convey the most appealing of features to the fairer sex. He is mostly a reserved individual.