Tamarack Order

Guild Leader/Guild Master: Dawne and Abratane

Guild Website: http://www.tamarackorder.net

Contact Person/Method: For guild relations contact Dawne or Abratane directly in game or through in game mail. For recruiting information see http://www.tamarackorder.net/guild_application/apply or contact Dawne or Abratane in game.

Recruiting Status: Restricted recruiting. We have a finite quota of applications processed each month with interviewing for applicants and a mentoring program for initiates. We accept potential recruits based on attitude and maturity and do not select based on class, race or gameplay experience

RP "Newbie"- Friendly: Extremely friendly, we do not expect potential members to have previous roleplaying or relevant gameplay experience. New players go through a mentoring program with a great deal of assistance in adapting and learning our culture. Roleplaying is appreciated and applauded

Focus/Mindset:[edit | edit source]

The focus of the guild is support, the enjoyment of one another's company and selflessness. We pride ourselves in not fitting any label, we are neither raid guild nor heavy RP guild. We offer all gameplay styles to our members (RP, PvP, PvE raiding right up to Obsidium Sanctum and Naxx 10, etc) and do our best to provided the widest variety of activities and events.

Requirements/Restrictions:[edit | edit source]

Generosity and maturity. We take pride in never dictating to our members their race, class, level or even gameplay experience and we encourage everyone to enjoy playing their character as they wish as long as they strive to support one another. We do not tolerate selfishness, inconsiderate or rude behavior and tend to attract the most generous community members. We feel we can teach anyone to be a good player, but you cannot teach someone to be an enjoyable person to spend time with hence we are restrictive in who we accept through the interviewing process.

Other Info:[edit | edit source]

The Tamarack Order is the oldest and most stable Alliance guild. We have been in existence since the first day of Earthen Ring, were the first tabarded guild and for the first few weeks quickly grew to be the largest Alliance guild before we clamped down on recruiting to prevent overgrowth and maintain the quality of our membership. We have multiple scheduled raid/instance nights per week, a variety of RP events and an active membership. We pride ourselves in our generosity with members and friends alike and strive to be a positive force in the Earthen Ring community. We have an RP council which develops and hosts roleplaying events and strive to keep ooc chat to a dedicated ooc channel.

For more information please contact any of our officers, contact us through our website contact information or drop us a note on our forums.

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