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Talula Spannerbang

Basic Information[]

  • Full Name: Talula Spannerbang
  • In-Game: Talula
  • Nickname: Lu
  • Titles: Gnomish Engineer, First Class; Engineering Technician, Grey Tiger Shipping and Freight
  • Race: Gnome
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Platinum
  • Eyes: Icy blue
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Height: 2' 11.216" (when you're a gnome, the decimals count)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Guild: Gray Tiger Tong
  • Birthday: March 5, 560
  • Current Age: 64
  • Birthplace: Gnomeregan
  • Current Home: Booty Bay, in an apartment shared with Krelle and Phealea


The mark of the Gnomish Resistance Force

Talula doesn't go in for flashy looks. She feels awkward if she stands out in a crowd and dresses just look better when you're taller. Most of the time she wears her old traveling leathers and trusty adventuring cap but sometimes, when she's fishing or tinkering about, she pulls on her favorite overalls and goggles.

It is less well known that she has a tattoo on her left shoulder of a crossed wrench and dagger. She makes every attempt to keep this mark hidden.


A cheerful spirit, Talula greets each day with a smile and the optimistic hope that nothing dreadful will happen. She is helpful and curious about the world and all those that live in it. She is also excessively proud of her small flock of chickens, named Daisy, Rose and Hyacinth.


Talula was named after her Aunt Beatrice. She greatly enjoys explaining how she had nine aunts, all named Beatrice and how, when the binary system of naming failed to work out, all the Beatrices took on an additional name or title. She is, therefore, named after her Aunt Beatrice "Talula". Her mother was a mage of some talent, but Talula never showed any skill in the arcane arts.

Talula's parents were killed in a mysterous spring accident when she was still quite young. She was left to the care of her Uncle Ezra and her Aunts Beatrice who sent her to school at the Overspark New School for Technology. With her parents gone, however, the funding was not available for her to finish her degree and she left school and went to work for a small shipping firm.

She rarely speaks about the fall of Gnomeregan, of what happened to her family and friends, or of what kinds of things she needed to do to get out of the toxic city. She made a home for herself in Stormwind and has recently gained employment with Grey Tiger Shipping. She now resides in Booty Bay.

Archive Images[]

Captured at a holiday party in Ironforge several years ago.

Dressed in resistance gear.