You've been busy![edit source]


I notice you're taking like a fish to water in the wiki, Tharion. So many pieces of work in here. Very nice!

I saw that you have been putting a little bit of extra work into your wiki links, though, and it was causing them to take on an odd appearance. I went ahead and changed them for you. Just take a look at the code and you'll see. If you want them changed back, just scream at me.

Keep up the great work!

P.S.: On second thought, you've put up a lot of information. I fixed Tharion's page and one other. If you want to change the rest of them, I'll leave that job to you. :P

-- Lil

Hehe, you can say I'm a tad ... excited. :P[edit source]


Thanks for the heads up on the link updates, I'll edit the rest of my pages to match, as your method is a bit less intrusive, hehe. What can I say? I'm still new to this.

But thanks for your work on this, as you can tell I'm a tad bit on the excited side.

-- Tharion

What you mentioned on WoWWiki[edit source]

I saw what your wrote on WoWWiki's talk page on the Demon Hunter and how you're a teacher of other Demon Hunters and I was wondering, would I be able to join you and your other demon hunter friends? Mr.X 02:50, 24 January 2008 (UTC)

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