Note about this character page[edit source]

Biobox[edit source]

To help make it easier to find the basic information about this character, a template is provided here if you'd like to use it. The Biobox automatically categorizes a character page and creates a basic biographical description box. This is intended to ease the process of writing the basic, "dry" character information and sorting it into the wiki, as well as establishing a standard character page appearance. This is just meant as a way of spreading the word to folks that wish to use the template but made their page before it existed or did not know how to use it.

Images[edit source]

Many character pages have an image of the character or of things important to that character, making the page more attractive and informative. As a moderator, I'd encourage you to add an image to your page. Instructions for uploading and using images are here.

--Tai 19:52, 30 April 2007 (UTC)

Blurry Image[edit source]

Mavanah, the reason why your image appears blurry and large in the biobox is because it is too small (I'm guessing smaller than the default size of the biobox template, something like 350 pixels wide). Try a different, larger image and see if it looks better :). --Nai 11:33, 5 August 2007 (UTC)

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