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Height/Weight Edit

For those who have a hard time figuring out proper height/weight for their characters, you can use this chart:

According to the WoW RPG Core Rulebook, racial averages are:

  • Humans - normal human variations described in d20 PHB
  • Ironforge Dwarf - normal dwarven variations described in d20 PHB
  • High Elf/Quel'dorei - over 6 feet tall (only a few inches taller than humans) and 100-175 lbs
  • Night Elves/Kaldorei - 7 feet tall and 200-250 lbs
  • Goblins - 3 feet, 30-50 lbs
  • Human/High Elf mix - Human standards with light coloring
  • Human/Night Elf mix - unknown because not enough time has passed to produce any adult offspring.
  • Human/Orc mix - 6 and a half feet tall and 200-250 lbs
  • Orc Male - almost 7 feet tall and 250-300 lbs
  • Orc Female - 6 and a half feet tall and 150-250 lbs
  • Tauren Male - 7 and a half feet tall and 350 lbs or more
  • Tauren Female - a bit shorter and lighter than the males
  • Forsaken - not mentioned but I would guess the same as humans, only probibly lighter/shorter due to lack of skin and muscle.

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